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Mack Springs is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Conventional Multi Leaf Springs & Parabolic Springs in all sectors, including Agricultural, 4WD, Off Trucks, LCV, MCV, HCV, SUV, Boat Trailers, Trucks & Semi – Trailer Springs. We strive hard to make sure all our process is up to date with the current market trends. Our methodology strikes a balance between the traditional and modern infrastructure.

Multi Leaf Springs

Multi Leaf springs, as the name suggests, has multiple leaves. The leaves have constant width and each leaf has constant thickness.

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Parabolic Springs

Parabolic Springs have constant width with full length leaves. Each leaf is of variable thickness. No machine can roll an ideal parabolic profile.

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Long Taper Springs

The major design goals of full Taper Springs are it reduces spring stiffness; reduce inter-leaf friction and reducing spring weight.

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