Who Are We

With over 70 years of experience, Mack Springs is the Market Leader in production and distribution of Conventional Multi-Leaf Springs and Parabolic Springs for Commercial Vehicles globally.

Our Specialization

With Years of Experience in manufacturing, Mack Springs adds value to its products with the combination of great passion, long man hours, computerized techniques and a team of professionals from design, research and manufacturing department.

How We Accomplish

Our manufacturing process is optimized at each step to give the most reliable product with the most efficient use of our resources. Our advanced technical setup proves to be significantly effective in reducing costs, improving product performance and value.


Over the years, Mack Springs has been felicitated with awards and certificates. With your support, Mack Springs hopes to continue with their achievements in all future endeavors.


Mack Springs is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Conventional Multi Leaf Springs & Parabolic Springs in all sectors, including Agricultural, 4WD, Off Trucks, LCV, MCV, HCV, SUV, Boat Trailers, Trucks & Semi – Trailer Springs. We strive hard to make sure all our process is up to date with the current market trends. Our methodology strikes a balance between the traditional and modern infrastructure.

Multi Leaf Springs

Multi Leaf springs, as the name suggests, has multiple leaves. The leaves have constant width and each leaf has constant thickness.

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Parabolic Springs

Parabolic Springs have constant width with full length leaves. Each leaf is of variable thickness. No machine can roll an ideal parabolic profile.

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Long Taper Springs

The major design goals of full Taper Springs are it reduces spring stiffness; reduce inter-leaf friction and reducing spring weight.

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With 70 years of experience, Mack Springs is the Market Leader in production and distribution of Conventional Multi-Leaf Springs and Parabolic Springs for Commercial Vehicles globally.


It is our vision to be recognized among top three Leaf Spring and Parabolic Spring Manufacturers in India.

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It is our mission to delight customer by offering value for money and reliable suspension solution for comfort ride and load handling.

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Our values form the foundation of our company and are a true reflection of our beliefs and philosophy.

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Mack Springs is built on a very strong foundation that remains at the core of our company. As a company, we have been successful in satisfying the specific requirements of our clients for over six decades from now.

Mr. Arjan Singh Bhasin

Mr. Arjan Singh Bhasin

Founder, Chairman

“We firmly believe that with the kind patronage of our valuable customer we shall be able to make our group as the leading group in the manufacturing of leaf springs and parabolic springs. We shall look forward to your valuable support as usual.”

Mack Springs, a company established to create high performance high quality springs which holds the whole world.

Mr. Manmohan Singh Bhasin

Mr. Manmohan Singh Bhasin

Chairman & Managing Director

“Our professionalism, coupled with a strong personal touch enhances the probability of success at every step. Our goal is to create a long-lasting client relationship, which will translate into long term winning strategies and exponential growth for all parties involved. In our commitment to finding the best match, we customize our approach, systems and processes not only from client to client but also from assignment, all the while keeping underlying principles common.”

Mr. Sunny Bhasin

Mr. Sunny Bhasin

Director – Export & Finance

“Years over we have truly blossomed not just in our skills but in our product ideas, our craftsmanship & service. Its our capabilities that has made us leaders & distinguishes us from our competitors. There are no frontiers that are beyond our reach.”

Mr. Rummy Bhasin

Mr. Rummy Bhasin

Director – Operation & Marketing

“We go an extra mile with our clients to establish a successful and long term Business Relationship. Its dedication & Innovation that is mirrored in our wide spectrum of Quality products. Our Robust infrastructure ensures delivery of top quality product at the right time.”

Jasjeev Singh Bhasin

Mr. Jasjeev Singh Bhasin


“I envisage Mackspring to be the global leader in the leafspring industry via implementing global systems and practices within the fabric of our company. Consequently achieving superior quality, timely delivery and a life-long relationship with our valued customers.”

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